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Isn’t it time Georgia looks for alternatives to how we treat our troubled youth?

Georgia currently spends about $200,000,000 locking up kids, most of whom have not committed violent offenses.  What results would we see if we tried out the Missouri model and used some of that money for programs located within local communities that actually provides counseling and rehabilitation

As the Project Manager of JUSTGeorgia, I hope to serve as a resource for you, sharing timely and important information about what’s going on in the juvenile justice and child welfare fields in Georgia and on the national front while at the same time, building a coalition of advocates committed to justice and safety for our children.

To that end, I read an editorial in last week’s New York Times titled “Juvenile Injustice” calling for a new way of delivering justice for kids, citing the Missouri model which calls for smaller regional facilities that focus on rehabilitation and keeping kids closer to home so parents and the community are involved in their rehabilitation.  The Missouri Model has received a lot of attention as a promising model of juvenile justice reform by reducing the costs of confinement and decreasing recidivism rates.  What do you think would be successful?  Let us know.

Good morning!

When will we see a copy of the Governor’s proposed budget?

While we had hoped to have details by now, the Governor indicated during his “State of the State” address that he would share some details about the budget on Friday, January 15.  He is constitutionally required to give the budget to the General Assembly by the 5th legislative day which will be Tuesday, January 25. Voices will work to analyze the impact of cuts to kids and will share them with you here.

What about the rest of the legislative schedule?

According to the schedule that was adopted this week, the Georgia General Assembly meets today for its fourth legislative day of business. They will then be off tomorrow and Monday for the Martin Luther King weekend.

Budget hearings will be held the remainder of next week, and we’ll post a schedule of the hearings of agencies affecting kids here.

The Legislature will reconvene on January 25 and meet through January 28th for legislative days 5-8. February 1 is scheduled to be legislative day 9, and the legislators will be in session through February 5 which will be legislative day 13.


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