Is giving parents with young children extra votes the way to ensure that Goverment prioritizes children?  One economist suggests that may boost public spending on children.

The article, in today’s New York Times blogs cites a fact sheet by the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution stating that:

  • spending on children is about 2.2 % of GDP compared to the 5.3 % spent on the elderly;
  • spending on children goes up after they turn 6, despite all the evidence we have that public investments in very young children yield the most return, and
  • (this one is most sobering for someone like me with young children):

Largely as a result of differences in public subsidies, full-time, year-round child care for young children costs more than public university tuition in 44 states.

I’ll be keeping these facts in mind today as I study the Governor’s budget and analyze its effects on Georgia’s children.