In the current issue of VOX, staff member Giovan Bezan writes about the current effort by the JUSTGeorgia coalition to revise the Georgia Juvenile Code. “Just Is” Isn’t Justice Fighting for Change in Georgia’s Youth Laws.” Bezan explains (from a teen perspective) how a young person whose made bad choices can get trapped in a vicious cycle of foster homes and detention centers.

VOX readers will also find an interesting commentary on the current healthcare reform effort, “If We Were In Charge…” by Charnall Arnold.  There are a growing range of outlets for teens to express themselves and share their opinions.  VOX is one of the oldest and and remains one of the best.

VOX Teen Communications is a non-profit youth-development organization located in
downtown Atlanta, GA, dedicated to giving teens the skills and resources to raise their voices about issues that most matter to them. Through VOX, teens come from all around the Atlanta area to work together, share information, explore their talents and express themselves by writing articles, creating art and designing layouts for the VOX newspaper and Web site.