Despite the latest setbacks in D.C. on health care reform, legislators in Georgia seem to be confident that Congress will pass legislation, and they are anxious have their objections to the current national health care reform proposals heard.

Today, the members Senate Judiciary Committee voted to pass  Senate Resolution 795, sponsored by Senator Seth Harp which proposes a constitutional amendment stating that goverment may not compell individuals to purchase health insurance and Senate Resolutions 829 and 830, sponsored by Senator Judson Hill which direct Georgia’s Attorney General to begin preparations to challenge the constitutionality of the national health reform legislation.  Two committee members, Senators Fort and Ramsey, both Democrats, were opposed to the measures.

In speaking in support of his legislation, Sen. Hill called the national health reform bills “unprecedented” because the “penalize people for inactivity.”  He explained that government should penalize people for doing something wrong, not penalize them for neglecting to do something like buy insurance.  Senator Crosby also evoked the 10th amendment of the US constitution in stating his support of the resolutions.

Senator Ramsey spoke against the resolutions and stated that he felt that the time and resources of the Attorney General’s office would not be well used preparing for a lawsuit on a bill that might not pass. Senator Fort added that he opposed the resolutions on ideological grounds since the health care reform bill currently being considered by Congress “would be a godsend to my constituents and to Grady hospital.”

The resolutions passed with just a few minutes of discussion and no public comment.  I’m sure the members of Congress wish that they could so easily reach agreement on action, affordable coverage and accountability to ensure improvements for children and families.