From our partners who are working to pass HB 927 anti-bullying legislation comes this action alert:

Our hard work is paying off!

This morning the House Rules Committee scheduled House Bill 927 for a full vote on the House floor TOMORROW, Thursday, March 11. The House will convene at 2:00 PM tomorrow afternoon.

This legislation is critical in ensuring that Georgia schools provide a safe environment for learning for all students. This bill strengthens the definition of bullying, provides for a model policy and includes elementary, middle and high schools under the scope of the legislation.
Your Representative needs to hear from you today on this issue! While this important legislation has much support, the only way to secure its passage is for every lawmaker to hear from their constituents before tomorrow’s vote.

Please contact your Representative TODAY and ask that he or she votes YES on HB 927. Your e-mail or phone call can help ensure that Anti-bullying legislation is finally passed in 2010.

Click here for a list of state representatives and links to their contact information.

Please forward this email to others who want to help prevent bullying in schools. Thank you for your advocacy on this important issue.

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