This past Monday, Healthcare Georgia Foundation released their Election Guide 2010, in which eight gubernatorial candidates responded to a questionnaire addressing the status of Georgians’ health and our state’s health care system.  Those of us in the health policy field appreciate the work of the Foundation in bringing this issue to the forefront as we look to the Governor’s race this November.

In their answers, most candidates specifically referenced the health needs of children and our role as a state to work toward optimal child health and wellbeing for our youngest citizens.  These comments are encouraging in that they identify the level of priority to children respective to the candidates, but it is important for us to hold them accountable to promoting and enacting policies once in office that will help improve the health of Georgia’s children.  I encourage all of you to click on the link above and read through the Election Guide.  See what the candidates themselves have to say about topics including child health, trauma care funding, and investing in health services for Georgians. 

The election this November will be pivotal for all Georgians, and it’s our job as constituents to educate ourselves and make a wise decision in electing the individual who will govern our state for the next four years.

Joann Yoon

Associate Policy Director for Child Health, Voices for Georgia’s Children