Friday is Crossover Day, the day by which all bills must have been passed by the chamber in which they originated to remain in consideration for the remainder for the legislative session.  It will be a late night as legislators are scheduled to vote on dozens of bills .  Some of particular interest to child advocates include:

  • HB 1184 which allows health insurance companies from other states to sell to Georgians across state lines policies that might not provide the same level of protections and mandates as those sold in Georgia. Passage of HB 1184 would:
    • Allow other states’ policies, not Georgia’s policies, to determine what type of coverage Georgians if they purchase insurance plans across state lines;
    • Weaken consumer protections and minimum coverage requirements that Georgians receive when they purchase a policy from within our state; and
    • Allow insurance companies from other states to sell plans that don’t include important benefits such as cancer screenings, well-baby checkups and other preventive measures.


HB 307, the Hospital tax, which has been the subject of tense negotiations this week.

HB 1104 which would extend for two additional years the decision that the legislature made last year to change DJJ’s short term program from 60 days to 30 days.

SB 161 which would mandate the coverage of certain therapies for autism.

SB 451 which would close a family day-care center after the death of a child in care in order to allow the state to conduct an investigation.

SB 496 which would create a needs-based HOPE scholarship program.

SB 332 which would mandate an annual school board report detailing disciplinary actions taken regarding students with weapons in school.

SB 399 which would prevent state agencies to implement any of the provisions of federal Health Care Reform unless they have the prior authorization of the General Assembly.

We’ll try to blog throughout the day to keep you updated on the latest developments.

Mindy Binderman, Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy