Leaders of the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, which organized the drafting of the K-12 standards, told early-childhood experts in meetings and conference calls late last month that they hope to begin working on zero-to-5 standards within a couple of months

The move for K-12 Common Core Academic Standards has largely been embraced with governors from 48 states signing on to the effort. Now comes word of plans to work on standards for very young children.

A new article available on the EducationWeek website [Both Value & Harm Seen in K-3 Common Standards] addresses some of the potential good and potential pitfalls around standards for K-3 education and provides the above quote referencing the latest move to expand the standards even further to include the youngest children.

We know that ensuring all children are school-ready is important. Research is clear that our most vulnerable children start school already far behind their peers with limited vocabularies and limited social skills. Those children rarely catch-up. Will “standards” help? What are your thoughts?