On Tuesday the Governor signed the bill that requires a review of Georgia’s revenue structure.  This is not about how we spend money but where the revenue comes from – taxes on property, income, sales,  services, etc.   For many,  HB 1405 is about fairness and jobs.  It should also relate to adequacy.  Revenue policies should ensure sufficient resources to meet the basic expectations of Georgians for safe communities, quality education for youth, and protection of the most vulnerable in our society.  We recommend the guiding principles of 2020 Georgia.   

The bill designates Council members from politics, business and academia.  As voices for children and families, we need to be part of the conversation too.  We need tax and revenue structures that promote family self-sufficiency and that address disparities in access and outcomes.  We need to be there.

 Pat Willis, Executive Director

Voices for Georgia’s Children