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This year offers the best chance for the next four (or eight) years for Georgia to make a commitment to children.

If children, whether your own or all of Georgia’s children, are a priority for you then vote for their interests on Tuesday, July 20, and get ready to wage a campaign for them in the General Election season.

Before you cast your ballot on Tuesday, check the candidates’ websites, print materials, or public comments for what they say about children?  Do they recognize them as citizens of Georgia who merit as much service and priority as those who can step into the voting booth and cast a ballot?  Vote for those who speak up for kids.

On Wednesday, join Voices for Georgia’s Children at the Loudermilk Center at 10:00 a.m. to assess the impact of the primaries on the future of children.  Let’s have a lively discussion about how to get kids onto the platforms of those who are the final contenders.

From Thursday until November 2, ask the pointed question of the candidates.  We want more than “I will be the children’s governor (legislator, attorney general, etc.).”  We need to hear specifics:  “I will increase families’ access to quality child care and PreK.”  “I will ensure that children reap the early benefits of healthcare reform.”  “I will require that our laws recognize that children are not little adults.”  “I will focus resources on children who we know are likely to drop out of school.”

The best chance for the next four (or eight) years – let’s not lose it.

Pat Willis, Executive Director

Voices for Georgia’s Children


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