Georgia’s children, all 2.4 million of them, make up one of the largest blocks of citizens but,come next Tuesday, they have no vote. 

When you and I go to the polls, let us raise our voices for children.  Let’s reflect on which candidates — from the highest position of governor to the many influential positions in the legislature, school boards, and county commissions — will help to set a vision for Georgia that gives high priority to children.

The Gubernatorial Candidates spoke on early childhood at the Children’s Summit (select clip 4 and 5).  The Superintendent Candidates responded to questions sponsored by education and child advocates.  And the candidates for Insurance Commissioner were queried about the new health law.

There is no “do-over” for childhood.   We have only one chance to get it right.  When the governor we elect on November 2 leaves office in 2015 or 2019, our toddlers should be reading, our middle schoolers should be dreaming of higher education, and our high schoolers should be nurses, lawyers, plumbers, developers — the workforce that we all depend on. 

For their sake and for ours, let’s get it right on November 2.