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At noon today, members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives went to work, which marks the beginning of the 112th U.S. Congress. And while there likely has not been enough time for our elected officials to get heavily involved in the process of “making laws and taking names,” they already are off and running and are expected to tackle some big issues early on.

One topic of discussion on the agenda will be the new health law, the Affordable Care Act. There’s been much discussion about efforts of House Members to repeal the law, though most of us in the field of health wonkery don’t think that will happen for several reasons. First, it would be very costly to repeal the law. Second, the Senate is unlikely to vote to repeal the law. And third, the White House likely would oppose any such legislation.

But moving beyond mere politics, Americans who are starting to benefit from provisions under the law will not want to see the law repealed. Seniors are starting to see fixes to the dreaded “donut hole” problems in prescription coverage. Parents are able to continue coverage for their children up to age 26. And insurance companies no longer are able to deny coverage to children on the basis of pre-existing conditions. 

As Congress begins renewed discussions on the health law, make sure that you speak up on how this law benefits children and families in Georgia. Next week, Voices will be one of several organizations across the country who will be convening a national call-in day to show support for the new health law. Stay tuned to this blog and to our website for details on how you can participate.

Joann Yoon, Assoc. Policy Director for Child Health
Voices for Georgia’s Children


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