Children’s Law Re-Write: The major revision to the Juvenile Code has made it out of sub-committee and now rests in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The vast number of other bills assigned to that committee have consumed much time this week, and it remains to be seen when exactly this bill will be heard this session.  The JUSTGeorgia coalition and Voices will continue to track the bills progress.  For more information on the development of the bill’s language and other aspects of this issue, click here.

Runaway Shelter Bill: HB 185 (Rep. Tom Weldon, 3rd Dist.) was given a Do Pass recommendation out of the Setzler Subcommittee and out of the Non-Civil Judiciary Committee. it is now on the House General Calendar and supporters are hoping that it will be debated and voted on in the House Monday or Wednesday.  The Runaway Youth Safety Act would require that service providers who deal with runaway or homeless youth to contact the parents or legal custodians of a runaway child or file a report in compliance with Code Section 19-7-5 no later than 72 hours after initial contact with a child to prevent being charged with the crime of interfering with custody. This bill would also define a service provider to mean any community-based program with staff trained to provide services to children who have run away or children who are homeless or their families.