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HB 185: Service providers sheltering with runaway youth to report contact with children within 72 Hours.  Status:  Recommended Do Pass by the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee.

HB 200:  Seeks to to discourage trafficking of persons for labor or sexual servitude and provide greater protections to persons subject to such crime.  Status:  Passed the House (overwhelmingly) and now rests in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

HB 265:  Creates two special bodies (the 2011 Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform for Georgians and the Special Joint Committee on Georgia Criminal Justice Reform) to study and reform Georgia’s criminal justice system.  Status:  Passed the House on Crossover Day and has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

HB 373:  A child adjudicated as a designated felon can not be discharged from DJJ or released from restrictive custody prior to the time provided in the court’s order.  Also provides that only the child or the child’s attorney can file a motion for early release or modification of a court order.  Status:  Passed House.  Assigned to Senate Judiciary Committee.

HB 471:  Changes to provisions related to the secure detention of children prior to a ruling in their case.  Status:  Remains in the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee.

SB 31:  Allowing Parents of Minors Accused of Crimes to be Clients of Attorney Representing the Minor.  Status:  Passed the Senate.  Assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.

SB 105:  Children who commit designated felony acts to be granted parole.  Status:  Rests in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

SB 127:  Significantly revised and updates Georgia’s 40 year old Juvenle Code.   Status:  Currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

HB 162:  Registered sexual offenders prohibited from photographing minor without parent’s consent.  Status:  Passed House.  Currently in senate Judiciary Committee.

SB 112:  Amending provisions related to rights of military parents during deployment.  Status:  Passed Senate on Monday (3/14).  Assigned to House Judiciary Committee.

SB 172:  Home study recommending adoption to be completed before child adopted by third party.  Status:  Passed the Senate on Crossover Day.  Has yet to be assigned to a House committee.

SB 247:  Amends the laws on who can petition to adopt a child in Georgia by providing that a court should determine if the person petitioning for adoption is living with another adult  when deciding on the petition for adoption. This bill would require that the court may consider whether the person living with the petitioner would be a consistent presence in the child’s life, the nature of the relationship, and whether the presence of the other adult or relationship will be harmful or beneficial to the child as a factor in considering an application for adoption. Status:  Rests in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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