Note: With only four Legislative Days left, the General Assembly will convene for days 37 and 38 Thursday and Friday of this week, recess next week and then come back in for days 39 and 40 on April 12 and 14.

The only legislation that the General Assembly is constitutionally obligated to vote on each session is the following year’s budget. Wednesday, the Senate version of the FY 2012 budget passed the Senate and, as a result of differences with the House version, will be assigned to Conference Committee made up of three members from each Chamber. Once the Conference Committee agrees, the bill will return to the Chambers for a vote. The Conference Committee process will be repeated until there is agreement. Highlights of the Senate Version are:

  • $2.8 Million restored for the Children First 0-5 screening program
  • 400 additional Childcare slots
  • A loss of funding for the Ferst 0-5 Book Program
  • An agreement with the House to cut Medicaid provider reimbursements by 1/2 %
  • A restoration of funds for the Citizen Review Panels for foster child placement
  • Restoration of funding for Community Health Program grants