12 Month Enrollment for Medicaid: There is much discrepancy about what a change from 6 to 12 month enrollment would actually cost/save.  While it is definitely good for kids, the barrier seems to be a reluctance to implement because of the projected cost within the context of a difficult budget climate.  Status:  Unfunded.

PeachCare Co-Pays: PeachCare has always required families to pay insurance premiums but not co-pays.  This proposal to add co-pays made it through the budget process and supposedly will be implemented. Before such changes can be implemented, however, DCH must first provide Public Notice of the change with opportunity for public comment, after which DCH must then submit a State Plan Amendment to CMS and must await approval before families can assess co-pays.   Status:  Implementation of PeachCare Co-Pays were relied upon in the balancing of the 2012 Budget.

Children 1st Funding: As a result of the transition of administrations, funding for the Children 1st 0-5 screenings was initially eliminated.  Active advocacy on the part of a number of organizations resulted in restoration of $2.8 of the $2.9 Million dollars needed for the program.  Status:  Restored.

Medicaid Provider Reimbursements: The budget lowered provider reimbursements by ½ of a percent this year.  Continuing to decrease provider reimbursements year after year causes concern as to how this will further limit access to providers for those enrolled in Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids.  Status:  Dollars saved by the state in reducing provider Medicaid reimbursements were relied upon in the balancing of the 2012 Budget.

School Nurses: Perhaps one of the most reliable access points for child health, funding for school nurses should be watched closely every year, especially in such a tight budget climate.  School nurse funding took another hit this year, though not as great as originally feared.  Status:  The School Nurse budget line ended up with a 4 percent cut as opposed to the 10 percent cut originally proposed in the Governor’s budget.