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Hello to the Voices blog community! I am Angela Orkin, and I have been with Voices since September of last year. As advocates for children, it is important that we remember how the world looks from the view of a child. So from time to time, I’ll post stories that friends of Voices have shared about something they remember from their childhood. I’ll kick things off with a story of my own.

My father’s mother, Mimi, taught me that you don’t have to accept the expectations others have for you. We all have ideas about what it means to be 80 years old, but Mimi seemed oblivious to these expectations. When Mimi was in her early 80’s, as a dutiful granddaughter, I called her to check on her. After a few minutes, she interrupted me and said “Thank you so much for calling. I need to go now so I can visit some old people in the nursing home.”

About two years before Mimi passed away, she was referred to hospice for end of life care. One afternoon, after about two weeks of hospice “service” we got a call from the worker. She said, “we would really like to help your mother, but every time we try to visit, she is out!” Mimi refused to stop living because everyone expected her to throw in the towel. By the way she lived, Mimi taught me that you don’t have to conform your behavior to other people’s expectations. I was fortunate to learn this lesson as a child, and I have carried it with me since.


Angela Orkin
Director of Development and Strategic Planning
Voices for Georgia’s Children


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